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Have a look at her LinkedIn profile for an extended cv. Some of the projects are mentioned below. Have a look yourself.

KLM Flying Blue (v/h Flying Dutchman) - 1999

KLMAfter the transfer of all back-office (call center, ticketing, correction coupons) activities to the UK, KLMs Flying Dutchman programme (nowadays: Flying Blue) experienced operational issues with the programme such as backlog of administrative tasks and queues for the call cener. Karen was enlisted as part of the suppliers 'emergency team' in the UK to audit all processes and suggest improvements. After 3 months all plans were implemented and with after care for another 3 months (1 day per week) the programme was back on track avoiding high peaks of customer complaints.

ING Bank - 2002

INGIn an ever changing financial world ING wanted to organise its first sales conference. Together with a team of other experts Karen managed all aspects of communications items for the conference itself as well as all follow-up items for the contact strategy with all ING branches, such as news letters and sales tools

RTL Nederland (Yorin FM + RTL FM) - 2005

RTL fm | yorin

Karen was hired as an interim head of communications in 2004 for RTL. After that she was asked to come back as marketing manager for the 2 radio stations. Together with two young and inspiring teams and in a very competitive market she developed and implemented plans to increase the market share of both the radio stations. Examples of brand (experience) campaigns are: Huishoudbeurs, RTL FM is celebrating the summer and the U2 concerts in the Amsterdam Arena.

HEMA - 2006-2008

HEMAHEMA is a Dutch retail chain and has been operating for 85 years. Retail companies constantly need to adapt to the ever changing market by developing new products, improving their formula and organising pilots. In 2006 Karen joined HEMA work alongside the marketing director and the food category to develop all items for the pilot of a shop-in-a-shop concept. From visual merchandising, instore communications to packaging design. Some parts of that pilot are now implemented in all over 500 stores in The Netherlands.

After finishing this pilot project Karen was asked to cover the role of manager marketing communications while the present one was on maternity leave. During that time Karen lead a group of 11 people, being responsible for all marcom activities (tv, brochure, outdoor, home-to-home leaflet, product/marketing PR, etc.). Karen continued to work for HEMA as interim manager channel communications, leading a team of 6 people, being responsible for internet and instore.

T-Mobile - 2008-2010

T-MobileT-Mobile migrated with Orange in The Netherlands as of the 1st of January of 2008. Mergers create uncertainty and lead to many questions that need answering at the Brand & Communciations department. Karen inventarised the tasks of the department, in relation to marketing and sales. Karen suggested the lay-out of the new comms department and after approval bij the Executive Committee and the Works Council she implemented the changes. Next to that she organised several (briefings) workshops, produced all job descriptions, etc. one year after the merger Karen took on the role of Director Brand & Communications and stayed in that position for 1,5 years.

BMW Nederland

BMWBMW Group Nederland (BMW, BMW Motor, MINI) was looking for a new ad agency and asked my assistance for the complete process. Together with the responsible team of BMW and MINI and procurement we finally chose JWT Amsterdam for BMW and Kingsday for MINI. Through a longlist to shortlist process including a creative brief for both the brands. Both client and the participating ad agencies appreciated my pragmatic way of working. In case you are interested in knowing how I work, please contact me.

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