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Jobs and careers in the marcom business

Almost everyone reflects on their live at one time - or another. Am I in the right job, do I need more training? Which training? Which education? Which job? Am I doing the right thing? Do I really like this job? Shall I start working freelance? Etc. Etc. Lots of questions and perhaps you don't have an answer right awa. Whom to talk to?

As Karen is experienced in the field of communications, people ask her often to help them out with those questions. Which she does. So in case you don't want to talk to a personal coach (that could be too much for just a conversation) but you do want to talk to a person who will treat your questions and/or doubts confidentially: call Karen. Sometimes you have already done an assessment, so take it with you as this would be an ideal starting point. It may well be that you only need to talk to her once but other times a series of meetings is needed to findout what you want or to focus on a specific target. In those cases Karen suggests the help of a personal / life coach. Karen is more than happy to provide you with a number of contacts. The most important thing is that the person takes action him/herself and defines next steps.



Karen is proven to be a great matchmaker. When a employer or client needs a permanent or temp employee, Karen is asked frequently to help out to find the right person to do the job. In case you have such a question, don't hesitate to contact her. Depending on the job (permanent/freelance) and length of the contract, she will ask a fee or hourly tariff. Just call to find out how she can be of help!


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